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Our miniature porcelain Babies are rigorously scale 1/12.

Our dolls are different because their faces are people pictures that we can see every day by the street.

We work with own and exclusive molds.

Each of our babies is made with porcelain cooked to high temperature and fired painted.

Their suits are made by craftshands having started from owns designs, We can realise any model that you wish.

Next we present you our creations, please beats on the image to see extended it and details of each doll .








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e-mail:   info@carolina-artesanas.com


 Carolina Artesanas
Calle de La Luisiana, nº 2

(Frente gasolinera Meroil)
23211 Carboneros (Jaén) ESPAÑA

Tfno. y Fax (34)  953 66 23 17

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